FREEDOM in a Scarcity World

Encouraging people to seek FREEDOM is not a simplistic or redundant request. While some cannot see it, humans, worldwide are not FREE. Their voices are NOT heard; their wishes are not respected. Few of the request or suggestions that everyday HUMANS want are being carried out. In a world, based in scarcity, we are constantly being told that there is not enough for this thing or that. Only the wishes and desires of the moneyed elite are given any consideration; only their wishes are heard, respected and fulfilled.

My path to this realization came once I retired and read the book, The Slave Trade, by Hugh Thomas. His focus was the Transatlantic Slave Trade 1444-1888. This book opened my eyes to another world. Interestingly, by exploring this slave trade, all of the intimidating, deceitful and foolish events I had witnessed my whole life, suddenly made sense. And when I say all, I mean all. My retirement plans to learn a second language and to write a book, took a new focus and direction. I moved to Italy, then to Belize. I traveled to 25 countries collecting data, talking to people and traveling further and further down the rabbit hole.

Initially, I knew this was a forbidden subject. People were uncomfortable when I brought it up. But this was my new passion. Everyday I saw it all around me. Occasionally, I HAD to talk about it. I tried to pick my places and spaces. While in Italy, I decided to self-publish. This negative had to be countered by a positive. Honoring the Heart Publishing Company was born. The heart had been ripped out and left for dead, in the human psychic of EVERYBODY who participated in this holocaust. The book Through the Lens of the Transatlantic Slave Trade evolved.

I came to understand that over the past 500 years, the brain has been elevated over the heart. The brain, our thinking apparatus is calculating and thus, can be manipulated. It can operate on dishonest and/or incorrect information. Information can be misinterpreted; it can be modified, after bribes are paid. Knowingly or unknowingly, people on five continents were daily engrossed in this economic drama.

In the New World, near the port cities, people could smell the ship’s stench of unwashed bodies and their excrements. Citizens watched African adults and children arrive and get paraded through the streets, sometimes naked, to the auction blocks. Some people were left to die on streets. Sometimes the ships were quarantined off shore. The stench was ongoing. The slave trade continued.

In Europe, the Old World, a different type of manipulation was orchestrated. While there had been fiat currencies or money, credit was slowly internalized in the thinking and reasoning of everyday HUMANS to the point of legitimacy. Governments had debt, but most HUMANS did not. However, the voyages from Europe to Africa, the New World and back to Europe were long-term voyages. The minimum voyage in the early period was nine months. Bankers entered to provide money to finance the provisions, the trinkets to seduce the African kings and pay for the captain and crew. Day one, money was needed for stocking ships that were not leaving quick enough.

Corporations were the entities designated for repaying. They sold stocks and bonds to everyday HUMANS, not just the elite, with promises of dividends or interest to finance these trips. Insurance was invented to soften the blow of ships whose slaves or crew mutinied, got sick or died, and other mishaps that such long trips could not anticipate. Soon Bankers only funded trips that had corporate backing and insurance. All aspects of the trip on both sides of the Atlantic were bought on credit, like 1) slaves, 2) land and mansions, and 3) funds for workers such as overseers, bounty hunters, captain and crew, etc. Members of the manufacture and planter class were now also given credit. Stories circulated that some crew members at the end of the voyage were not paid.

No one on these transatlantic slave trade ships is FREE. The bondage of the African slaves is real and apparent. Their chains are visible. However, the bondage of all others via credit and lies is invisible and can be called mental enslavement. Once a person is in debt, they can rationalize all sorts of unscrupulous behavior in the name of paying off the loan. The mental slavery in the Old World was more gradual and insidious. Some could choose, consciously or unconsciously, NOT to participate. Most often, HUMANS sought out opportunities for engagement.

However, in the New World, it was the air itself. Everything was contaminated. On three continents, the New World was possible because of both bondage AND credit and debt/mental slavery. It was expanding exponentially. It is hidden in laws, policies, practice and procedures that are daily lived out. It is the bread and butter of daily existence. Everybody is eating from that table. It is the only table. To this day, this is the only reason that there IS a New World. All this corruption, all this deception is buried under Manifest Destiny, God gave the land of the New World to the Europeans. God is blamed for all this deception and violence. Convenient, but it is untrue.

The things of God, like air, the sun with its magnificent sunrises and sunsets, rainbows, stars and moons are simple, bountiful and FREE. The New World, with all its rules and regulations is extremely complex and convoluted. This is your first clue that this is a man-made enterprise. There is nothing here that is holy or FREE. This enslavement has been orchestrated. Once orchestrated, each person must then walk his or her own walk to FREEDOM. Many are engaged in seeking FREEDOM.

What is the best way to get this to happen?

Information about the systematic stealing of our body, mind and spirit by some of the architects of the slave trade enterprise seems prudent. If one begins with the bankers, he or she can accelerate one’s progress. Until the agenda of the bankers are exposed, and then understood, the road to freedom can continue to be closed, blocked or obstructed needlessly.

Thus, there is micro-level work to encourage and support each person to individually free his or her minds. But the macro-level work, to rid the world of specific laws, central banks and mindsets that can re-entangle the most politically savvy individuals, is also needed. These rules, laws and mindsets have consistently and persistently underscored the notion that things are the way they are because of scarcity. There is not enough for all to have everything.

Over time, this has come to mean that you, HUMANS, are not enough. You must keep chasing opportunities, experiences and realities that place you above others. You need to be high enough up in the food chain to get more. Higher education, networks, mentors, affiliations are considered essential for this upward climb. Meanwhile, HUMANS are watching everyday low-life criminals walk away with lion shares of the scarcity pie. How is that right or fair?

Everyone is seeking to elevate ME, at the expense of the WE. “Can’t worry about them,” we say. “I have my own boat to paddle.” In a scarcity world, HUMANS are trained to look down or across to others in the same barrel, not up or even out, to see alternative perspectives or ways of being or thinking. We are stuck!

FREEDOM is still out there. It is still available. However, one essential mind shift is to see the world as ABUNDANT. There is enough. The most important elements in our existence are plentiful. Except the multinational corporations are poisoning the water, polluting the air and hogging and then destroying the food supply. Except the corporate culture has forced us to work FOR them and not for ourselves, often 8 hours per day. HUMANS are actively engaged in work that brings only the corporations profits. They share these profits with their friends and family, the corporate elite. Rarely do they share the fruits of our bounty with rank and file workers. We must pay taxes; they rarely do, especially at the designated levels. They hide their money in offshore banking accounts. Oh yes, offshore banking began with the transatlantic slave trade.

Because of this corporate culture, now, there is never enough. They are addicted to our money. They cannot get enough. We are bullied, intimidated and lied to in order to get more of our money. Fear and shame are some of their favorite tools. We have lost our way. This website is pointing us into the direction of ABUNDANCE, rather than scarcity. It is pointing the way to FREEDOM rather than enslavement. It is very, very difficult for most HUMANS to find sustainable freedom in a scarcity world.

HUMANS let’s GO get FREE!

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