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The Scarcity Game

The fundamental attribute that makes the Scarcity Game work is the incorrect notion that there is NOT enough on Planet Earth. Moreover, you are not enough! HUMANS are made to feel inadequate and insecure.

What does it mean to have enough?

HUMANS are judged by whether your home is in the right neighborhood, or in a gated community. Do you have discretionary cash and a reputable job in a thriving industry? Do you own the company? HUMANS must also have a) the “happy” marriage, b) the “good” life with vacations, c) the “good” job making “good” money, and d) a portfolio with “significant” investments. When you have all the above, you have arrived!

Then something interesting, unanticipated happens, e.g. the 2008 financial collapse, a medical emergency or numerous other possibilities.  “Secure” HUMANS are incapacitated. They feel dethroned, disgraced and/or devalued. These HUMANS then realize they are powerless to alter the circumstances. He or she is not ENOUGH!

Over the centuries, many movements have been aimed at separately empowering different groups: For non-Whites (the Civil & Voter’s Rights, Affirmative Action, etc.), for Women (Suffrage, Equal Pay, etc.), for Gays and even for those who have physical and mental challenges. After all these movements, by every reliable indicator of success – heterosexual white men are still ranked #1. Even so, many white males are as angry and pissed off as the other groups.

Why do HUMANS in the United States of America, or even in the world feel so INSECURE?

The simple answer is that few HUMANS can see or recognize the significance of “the Scarcity Game.” Few see or know how to avoid its entrapments. In fact, most incorrectly declare that life is NO game!

How was LIFE covertly reduced to a GAME?

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