The World of Scarcity

The World of Abundance

Surviving Thriving
Mediocrity: Focused on Externals Only Excellence: From the Insides out
Numerical Inequalities: Money Driven Passion Driven
Disconnect; Distract; Addict Profound Connections/Trust
Play the Game: Keep Score LIFE is NOT a GAME.
Head: Thinking, Manipulating, Calculating Heart: Loving, Giving & Sharing
Humans are Disposable Cargo. My Unique Spirit has a place!
Cargo has Stereotypes Humans have
High End Low End Appetites
Positives Negatives Capabilities
Spoilers Victims Interests
Legal Illegal Pace
Predator Prey Personalities
Makers Takers Predispositions
Have Have not Responsibilities
Responsible Irresponsible Temperaments
Majority Minority Thresholds
Focus Look good Be invisible Focus What do I bring?
Too much Not enough What is my best self?
Control Submit Are there other to work with?
External Internal How do we collaborate?
Get ahead Play small What brings me happiness?
Role Winner: all Loser: nothing Can I contribute to the greater good?
Bragger Whiner Fluidity How can I shine today?
Male Female What does he/she need?
Butch/Bitch Wimp Where so I need to be to be ME?
Husband/Father Wife/Mother Does this feel ok?
Teacher Student Where? How? Do I need to grow?
Democracy: Majority Wins Consensus: Seeking Common Good
Capitalism “Community” focused
Rush to Judgment No Judgment
Fearful/Scared Content/Safe
Ruled by: People Bankers Founding Fathers Mentors Who can support me? Where are they?
Police Criminals

There are Natural Laws but no rules:

FREE to be your best self, with others.

Dictators Politicians
Corporations Secret Societies
Church Image Makers
Places United States Colony of UK
United Kingdom Winner: Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
Things Image Rankings
Constitutions Awards
Secrets Test Scores
Corruptions Investments
Propaganda Credit Rating
Rules Addictions
Goal: Freedom to buy and sell people. Goal: Self-Sufficient/Sustainable