Photocredit: clipartcottage

Photocredit: clipartcottage

Summary: Life can be scary! To Empower Yourself, you need: 1) A Heart, 2) A Brain & 3) Courage, — in that order — to Reach HOME, a Free HUMAN!

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L. Frank Baum, the author of the series The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and other books, was born in mid-19th century America. The still popular movie version, with a shortened title, The Wizard of Oz, was released in 1939 twenty years after his death. Movie Industry executives crafted an imaginary story with hidden metaphors. The truth is hiding in plain view.

1.  OZ – is abbreviation of ounce, or an oz. of GOLD. Retrofitted, the title of the book becomes, the Wizard of the Ounce of Gold. He is in charge of HUMAN live in Oz.

2. Dorothy and friends take the Yellow Brick Road to find him. That’s also GOLD or MONEY. These two have been used interchangeably throughout civilization.

3. Wizards use Wizardry to fool people. They create an elaborate platform to sucker everyday HUMANS. Technology is also used to dazzle HUMANS.

4. The HUMANS do not discover the Wizard, the dog does. The HUMANS are busy paying attention to shining, beautiful, consuming, entertaining, and plausible falseness all around them.

Wizardry/technology is ALL around us. Today, with all the gadgets, like smart and dumb cell phones, we are always ON! in our artificially “improved” lives. Many HUMANS can’t find the OFF! switch. We rush around, multitasking. Too much to do, too little time.

Dorothy sought HOME. HOME is inside her, beyond the noise, the hustle and the bustle. HUMANS are only FREE when they have peace, joy and contentment. They feel comfortable in their skin. They also feel alive, happy, confident, creative, relaxed, welcome and secure. Try to remember the last time you felt that Sufficient.

In our world, we are always striving to have ENOUGH.  Just asking the question — “Do I have enough?” makes you extremely insecure — NEVER fulfilled. Never ENOUGH.

In the books & the movie, there are two realities:

  • Kansas, where there are 1) corrupt people, like the woman who owns half of the county, 2) natural disasters, like the tornado, and 3) everyday HUMANS, like Auntie M, her husband and the workers. HUMANS must be prepared to deal with the good, the bad and the ugly that surrounds them.
  • The artificial world or the movie set has: 1) small people (munchkins), 2) regular sized-people (like the members of the army) and 3) corrupt people, like witches. The witches are from the East and the West. Both must die for Dorothy to get back to her HUMANITY.

Their is also 4) a decent HUMAN, the Fairy Godmother from the North (interestingly, there is NO Godmother of the South). She is pretty, benevolent and soft-spoken. Like the witch, she has powers, e.g. both can fly. The witch uses a broom; the fairy godmother has a magic wane. Except for psychological intentions, there is no biological difference between the witch and the fairy godmother. Our lives have become a movie set, artificial & insincere. How can we change that? The movie provides clues.

First, HUMANS need to Go Get a HEART

broken-heartUntil the tin man gets a heart, the fairy godmother is the embodiment of the heart. Why does she befriend Dorothy? She understands Dorothy’s  “accidentally” encountered her world, so she helps her. Dorothy and her dog needs something that is NOT easy to get. The fairy godmother points the WAY! This is all Dorothy needs. Doing more, like taking her to OZ would have been dis-empowering. Dorothy has lessons to learn.

Along the way, Dorothy, in a Strange Land, “accidentally” encounters a Tin man  who is missing a heart. He too is afraid. Dorothy, a lonely HUMAN (interesting a female, not a male) with just a dog, seeks companionship. She recognizes the impossibility of both her need and the need of the Tin man. She invites the him to join her. She does not feel threatened. She has not judged him as evil, or as a predator. In her mind, he, too, is worthy of getting his wish, a heart.

When was the last time you did something from the HEART? When was the last time you did something just because it felt good? Engaging our heart has become SO problematic because of all the schemes and tricks in the world. Will you later regret having helped Person X? Will she see you as a softie and try to take advantage? Is he really down and out, sick or homeless as he portrays? Gifts from the HEART are just that — GIFTS! Why has it become tricky? We can no longer TRUST. This is a sad state of affairs. TRUST is essential to FREEDOM. Humans must learn to TRUST again, so we need a HEART.

Next, Go Get a BRAIN.

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The second person in this adventure is the Scarecrow who wants a BRAIN! The Scarecrow wants to think better. First, the scarecrow needs oil, and lots of it. The oil was given to the rusty, grey Tin Man. The BRAIN can THINK best, after you have engaged the HEART, the oil. To make the adventure work, the heart was engaged before the brain.

Why? in that order! You see, the BRAIN can be manipulated. We can be brainwashed and led astray. The BRAIN sometimes focuses on the glitter, the splash, and the logic. Logic alone can lead you down the wrong path that can be cold, dark, and incorrect. In our BRAIN we can get things to line up, to appear logical, when they are FALSE.

A major FALSENESS in today’s world is the false logic of race. There is nothing in the Universe that differentiates HUMANS based on skin color. There are different skin colors, for sure. Just like birds, flowers or cows have different colors. Regardless of color, birds fly, flowers pollinate and cows make babies. However, HUMANS have fallen for a FALSE NARRATIVE that actually is only 500 years old. It emerged to solidify the Enslavement Game. This game evolved during the transatlantic slave trade in a specific way, based on specific economic need that emerged when East-West countries met North-South people or tribes. FREEDOM was the major causality. MONEY/CREDIT was the major weapon.

The BRAIN was manipulated and mis-educated. Now, many people are educated, but the information is incorrect and illogical. One place to begin to look for mis-education is in Darwin’s Theory, which states that man evolved from a monkey. In the UNIVERSE, THAT NEVER HAPPENED!

Why does that theory persist? It is the backbone of the WHITE SKIN as superior, entitled or privileged myth. Why is this myth necessary? Well, Dorothy and friends took the yellow-brick Road to the Wizard, who also has White Skin like Dorothy. He has big character flaws, since he is a buffoon, seeking to usurp power. That is overlooked. Increasingly, in the modern world, people are taught to overlook character flaws and focus on something superficial — skin color. By elevating that insignificant HUMAN element, race/white skin, THINKING and thus logic got hijacked. FREEDOM for humans, even those with white skin was forever compromised. How? White-skinned people became falsely elevated; Non-white-skinned people became falsely devalued. Confusion has exponentially increased. What are we to believe?

This is the fertile ground where MONEY became the method by which to navigate the madness. MONEY is an illusion. Credit and interest are needed to make money real & tangible. The Wizards/Bankers in our world encouraged HUMANS to get LOANS and pay interest, so that Bankers, his family & friends becomes rich. With MONEY, they could churns out more wizardry/technology, more false narratives to distract and confuse HUMANS.

Finally, Go Get Courage!


L. Frank Baum used the Lion, the (falsely elevated) King of the Jungle to personify lack of courage. Genius. How can the King of the Jungle, NOT have courage? To see the genius in this, the HEART and BRAIN must be engaged. Your HUMANITY must be in full gear. Healthy HUMANS are aware, present, and curious. Going further, these HUMANS, like Dorothy become kind, compassionate, empathetic, forgiving and supportive. This state of body and mind, allows HUMANS to be FREE to be vulnerable and see the vulnerability in others. Dorothy, and thus you can see the whole Lion, not the manufactured, cowardly or even overly aggressive one.

To move beyond the madness, the illusions and the mis-education, HUMANS need courage. With courage, you can rise. Rise above the noise, the trickery, and the buffoonery of daily life. Rise & see the WHOLE and COMPLETE HUMAN potential of us all.

The UNIVERSE created NO incomplete, inferior HUMANS!

ALL are DIFFERENT, for sure; NONE are superior!

Inferior, insufficient HUMANS are a delusional by-product of a world, based in SCARCITY;

a world based in MONEY/CREDIT.

In conclusion, this “children’s” story, has a lot of wisdom. Much is hidden by the curtain, in plain sight. The dog was needed to help Dorothy see the Wizard. Focused on CREDIT, many ills in our world are revealed. CREDIT confuses and darkens the environment; it does not en-lighten it. CREDIT does not change the HEART.

Seek to find the HEART, in YOURSELF, in every HUMAN.

That’s the surest road HOME, the Road to FREEDOM!