From birth, humans live in families and other institutions that lie. Agents in institutions teach us rules (lies) to facilitate our management. When HUMANS operate from their book of lies, then we check each other. A superficial, scarcity mindset is perpetuated.

If their rules do not align with my inner peace . . . must I conform? The short answer is NO. But another question arises. Do you know YOUR inner truths? Surrounded by lies, it is difficult to hear your own voice. Lies arrest your growth and development. Your life is unfulfilled, undigested, mediocre Hopefully, that is not ok!

Here are the lies in reverse order.

#10 – You are only your external self.

Our dress, hairstyle (its texture, cut and color), eye color, physical height, fingernails, shoeshine, walk and talk can create an illusion to fool others. Your authentic self is on the inside.

Genuine, authentic people have an ease, a grace, that is contagious. Do not catch it. Don’t beg, borrow or try to steal it. You are not a carbon of anyone else. Find yourself. Live your life to its fullest.

#9 – You are a measureable thing!

Numerous descriptors quantify humans. However, humans are not things! We bleed, sweat and cry. With catalogued descriptors, we pretend we know something. We don’t. IF the instruments are reliable–a big IF–the score represents some past moments. Past performance does not indicate future behavior. This disclaimer is only put on manipulated stocks. When it comes to humans, this truth is rarely acknowledged because it identifies a freedom systematically taken away.

#8 – Some addictions are ok!

The status quo loves people addicted to work and to acquiring money. Both perpetuate a materialistic culture. Other acceptable addictions (e.g., eating, sex, games and shopping) give humans some satisfactions in a world deliberately made rigid and cold. Addictions can temporarily make humans feel whole. The unacceptable addictions are drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, and stealing.

Addictions control humans who feel defeated, insecure, and driven. None are ok! The addiction keeps humans from facing their unhappiness and conversely, feeling their own JOY! Ugh! To stop the addiction, one MUST go inside and begin the work of reconnecting to one’s authentic self. Whether 12 steps, or 1,212, the journey is inward. Oh yes, substituting one addiction for another does not bring wholeness.

#7 – There is one “human nature.”

We are told to develop ONE “human nature.” Institutions have normalized the “default” settings and programmed their participants to successfully navigate them. These participants walk, talk, think and respond to similar stimuli. Schools, churches or military academies are common training institutions.

The Creator never intended for humans to be one anything. We are as unique as snowflakes, as fingerprints. Why pretend that humans should be similar with one nature? Courage is needed to express YOU. The world is waiting.

#6 – You should have common sense.

The idea that something is common sense to ALL humans is preposterous. If you bought this lie, when you do not know something, you feel dumb. You get quiet. You think smart people just know. Worse, you are not asking questions. Somehow, everyone else knows everything. Impossible! The fun in life is exploring and learning. Learning is very powerful. By shifting to a learning mindset, fear, shame and blame are immediately GONE!

Oh, the contradictions, the duplicity! We have been systematically lied to. If you buy one, you become their slave.

#5 – Money can buy Happiness.

Money is cultural and finite, with a specific purpose. Initially money got value via gold. Both gold and currencies, regardless of nationality, are artificial, man-made, political entities, to be manipulated. Both have ascribed values.

Happiness has real value. You can be broke, yet happy. You can have the highest net worth and be profoundly sad, suicidal. Loving your right to exist is a precious experience! We are taught to count happiness, like it is money. No! Happiness is abundant.

#4 – Time is finite and linear.

Time is not static, linear nor concrete. Time is based in perception and multidimensional. Every 8-hour sleep or workday is not the same. Why is being on time the ultimate praise? We judge people and cultures by how well they keep clock time–with no regard for anything else. Appreciating the multidimensional aspect of time lengthens our lives. Are you a slave to the clock?

#3 – You are too old. 

Monopoly contractors hire and promote youth. Why? They are hungry, naive and seducible. They don’t question. They need to be liked. Age discrimination begins at 45, when ironically, more people FINALLY question. You have less energy for the dumb stuff at the job. You may not fall on the sword. If you balk, they offer you a raise. Most youth are simply bought and paid for. Or maybe they bought lie #5 above. By 45, most know better. That’s the difference. Ageism–disdain for old people–is more acute in the USA than any other country.

#2 – Gender inequalities are real and necessary.

First, are women the weaker gender? Would the Creator give the task of carrying babies to a weak human? Consider: Neither the male nor the female is weak–they are simply different. Fourteen-year-old girls are given legal consent. “She knows what she is doing,” politicians say. Is she strong or weak? Gender is a hot potato, to be manipulated as desired.

Second, who is a male? Who is Female? Are the sex organs the best way to decide? Gender is multidimensional. There are masculine women, just as there are feminine men. Neither has anything to do with sexual preference.

Third, the range of human sexual experiences is diverse, multidimensional and complicated. The heterosexual, missionary position does not satisfy every sexual appetite. Consenting adults participate in a wide range of healthy sexual activities and relations. Beyond gossip and judging, why do you care what consenting ADULTS do sexually? If people cross-dress as personal expression, what business is it of yours?

Why has gender become the newest category to criticize? Or is it, a basic biological difference (like skin color, see below) being used to forge another powerful wedge between people. Humans who are not heterosexual are made to feel guilt or shame or both. Game, set, and match! The status quo wins again.

#1 – White skin makes one superior.

Prior to the Transatlantic Slave Trade, people were evaluated on merit, talents, or contributions to the community. Also, traditional slavery did not diminish one’s humanity. Only the “new and improved” Transatlantic Slave Trade evolved and forced that. When the colonies were new, the slaves (and indentured servants) might be Black or White (or Red).

With the New World land grab, the oligarchy–ahead of the insecure and unstable Planters–had the means and discovered the method to manage from afar. White supremacy was born, along with the Scarcity Game.  “Divide and Conquer” is a significant strategy. Superficial skin color became the initial divider to identify race. Planter class Whites were given land and opportunities IF they adhered to the laws, policies and practices of the invisible European oligarchy. Interesting, a worthless crumb (skin color) was given to insecure, poor Whites. They are very A-F-R-A-I-D. Whites were encouraged to stick together to conquer. Not said, no one was free. Only a few saw it as wrong and morally corrupt.

The constitution co-signed the illusion of “freedom and justice for all.” The USA was born. Without race, it would never have been formed. Its formation required the savagery of a “divide and conquer” strategy. Five hundred years later, the European oligarchy owns half of planet Earth. Race remains, par excellent, the best way to divide, conquer and control humans and resources.


All 10 lies support the dominant Oligarchy’s narrative: get white, get money and get the good life. All are superficial, irresponsible, blatant lies. These lies support the status quo of slavery and inhumanity for all. Humans are now commodities and thus, disposable. The Transatlantic Slave Trade institutionalized fiat money, profits, greed and corruption. Everyone is too afraid to speak truth to an invisible, all-consuming power.  All are watched by the international surveillance state whose issue is CONTROL. The Oligarchy continues to steal land, labor and minerals from Earth’s soil via wars of quest. They also stole the health, wealth and wellbeing (happiness) of HUMANS.

These LIES create a world where HUMANS are not FREE.

Please, do not buy these LIES!

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