The purpose

  • To change the conversation of HUMANS from conquest (“life is a winnable game”) and scarcity to abundance. HUMANS intuitively know that there is enough; the planet is bountiful.
  • To support ALL HUMANS to live into a greater existence. Each can live his or her life to its fullest potential.
  • To increase our ability to talk TO each other and to stop talking PASS each other. HUMANS have all been exposed to false narratives (lies) that do not serve the greater good.

This website seeks to provide tools and insights to assist HUMANS get FREE. The book, Through the Lens of the Transatlantic Slave Trade is one tool (click below to subscribe and receive the Prologue and Chapter 1 of the book). In addition to bridging those times (1444-1888) to now, the book identifies 7 negative cultural stains that are very prevalent in today’s world. HUMANS will readily recognize them, but few connect the stains to this historical period.

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Map_cover_front-01The mission

  • To encourage HUMANS to use their heart when dealing with other HUMANS. The brain can be manipulated and brainwashed.
  • To decrease the artificially created jealousy, hatred and anger among HUMANS. We must face each other as equals.
  • To dismantle the money-empowered Scarcity Game.


The GOAL — HUMANS let’s GO get FREE!

Each HUMAN must choose between SCARCITY/SURVIVING or ABUNDANCE/THRIVING on Planet Earth.

Unfortunately, too many HUMANS are just surviving.  The status quo fosters different mindsets because capitalism incorrectly separates HUMANS into two categories, the haves and the have nots. Truth: Plant Earth is bountiful. There is ENOUGH for us all. This website points the way to ABUNDANCE.